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Thinking about grad school? Read on.

The amount of years spent in post-baccalaureate training ranges from two to six years of commitment, depending on which field and the type of degree you are seeking.


Given the time and expense, it is a decision that is worth careful consideration. For more details about the process click here.

I need a letter of recommendation.

Thinking about asking a faculty member for a letter of recommendation? Click here for a list of do's and don'ts that may help your chances of obtaining strong letters of recommendations.

I'm required to write in APA format.

You're in a class that requires APA format. You're not sure where to start. Dr. Jody Davis has a wonderful page dedicated to how to integrate APA format in your writing. Click here for her tips and resources.

I'm struggling with course material.

Psychology researchers have found many ways to help improve learning. Click here to learn more.

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