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As a general rule, I do not provide letters of recommendations to students I've only interacted with in a classroom setting. You as a student wouldn't want me to either. You want a letter writer who knows you well and can write a compelling, strong letter. If you are still thinking about asking me for a letter, please take a glance at my list of do's and dont's.



  • Inquire whether the letter writer can provide you with a strong, positive letter of recommendation

  • Ensure you provide at minimum one month's notice

  • Provide a resume, vita, and personal statement that is relevant to your experience and desire for the application

  • Assume the letter writer prefers to send the letter directly

    • If a hard copy is necessary provide addressed envelopes, including postage for sending

    • If electronic correspondence is preferred, provide links/emails

  • Include the date the letter is due

  • After the letter has been submitted, follow-up with a thank you note.



  • Ask a professor/mentor who barely knows you

  • Give your letter writer(s) less than 3 week's notice

  • Make the recommender guess what you are applying for or the date it is due

  • Assume basic information (e.g., your name, participation in class, and your grade in the course) is enough to provide you with a strong letter of recommendation

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