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There are several types of master's programs, ranging from business to psychology, to even human resource. There are also in-person versus online programs. While some programs require students to pay the tuition themselves, there are several that have funding opportunities. The following is a list of psychology master programs that do just that. While it certainly isn't a comprehensive list, it is a starting point.  If there are others you believe should be listed, please email me. 


In alphebetical order:

1. Ball State University. This university offers three program options, a General Social Psychology track, an Applied Social Psychology track, and a dual track in Social Psychology and Clinical Mental Heath Counseling.


2. Georgia Southern University. This university has a general experimental track as well as several faculty who specialize in social and personality psychology.


3. University of Alabama in Huntsville. This program has a specialization in I-O psychology as well as a general experimental track.


4. University of Dayton. Master's degrees include either a general (experimental) psychology or clinical psychology. 


5. University of New Hampshire. For students interested psychological aspects of law and crime, this program offers an interdisciplinary master's program in Justice Studies.


6. University of North Florida. This university offers a master's of science. The program has a strong research focus and requires a thesis. 


7. Western Carolina University. This program has a general experimental master’s program in psychology. 


8. Western Illinois University. The program offers a general experimental psychology master's of science as well as a clinical/community mental health degree. They also have a specialist degree in school psychology. 


9. Western Washington University. This program provides a master's of science in experimental psychology. There is a separate program for counseling. 


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